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    Managing Events/Band/Employees


      I manage my band. I’m looking for something like Planning Center Online but less focused on religious institutions.


      I have about 30 musicians/techs that I book a few times a week.


      I’m currently using Google Calendars, Dropbox, and Wordpress to handle everything I’d like to accomplish.


      I've been doing research for about a couple of months and have tried a LOT of different software solutions but none are geared towards what I need or they're EXTREMELY expensive and beyond the scope of what we need.


      I’m looking for some software/app/solution that will allow me to:


      • send Calendar requests … send a request to a musician for them to ACCEPT or DECLINE to let me know they’re available for the gig.

      • have a possible portal so each team member can login and see what gigs/events they're scheduled to

      • ability to email or text or push notify of any changes or important updates

      • ability to host MP3’s and sheet music PDF pages so the musicians can preview the gig materials beforehand.

      • mapping coordinates so when i add the address of the gig, it can hotlink to Google Maps or Waze

      • an ability to show each musician/tech what gigs THEY have coming up booked with me. For instance, “Mike” on guitar can click and see all the dates he’s booked with me.

      • mobile app integration if possible


      I’ve looked for months for things and I’ve come up short on a lot of things.


      If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions, I’d really appreciate it.



      FWIW, I had started to design something last year in FileMaker with the help of someone I hired online but they disappeared.