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Showing certain records based on a date

Question asked by ben2017 on Jun 21, 2017
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I have a list layout displaying all records. One field on this layout is a date field called PSV Date, how can I check if any record(s) has the PSV date field set so it falls within the next 30 days? 


I have the PSV field set as a date. I also have another field not on the list layout,(PSV30) which is a calculation get(current date) + 30 to test against.

Here is the attempted script

I would like the find to return only the records with a PSV date in the next 30 days in a found set, however I'm getting no results. I've checked and I do have a couple of records with dates within the next 30 days.


Another thing is that the find seemly moves to a different layout (which is based on the same table), than the list layout I start on which is why I have explicitly go to it at the start of the script. I'm not sure why it does that.


Any help greatly appreciated, thanks!