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(intermittent and false negative)  XML error: No memory at line 1

Question asked by wfgclapp on Jun 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2017 by wfgclapp

I am (sometimes) getting this error when posting data into only two fields in a single record.


Sometimes I get the error but the data was inserted into the fields anyway.


I am using curl to PUT some json that is contained in a .txt file. The size of the file of json txt is around 4.8MB and is typically sent only once per day. The contents of the json vary slightly from day to day but is basically static.


The destination file is hosted by FMS16 installed on an AWS server with Win2012R2 OS, with all updates for both Windows and FileMaker. This server is being used for development by me only and so has no other traffic besides what I am doing (more on this later).


Here is a timeline:

1. The above transmission is performed once each day in the morning. Except on Thursdays and Fridays when it is repeated a second time in the afternoon.

2. The process will run successfully Monday-Thursday morning just fine. But it will fail with the "No memory at line 1" error on Thursday afternoon and then on every transmission attempt thereafter until I "do stuff" to the Windows server.

     a. By "do stuff", I mean that I haven't yet nailed down exactly what it is I do that finally allows the transmission to succeed. But it is some combination of restarting the FM service and/or rebooting the server and/or clearing the contents of the inbound text fields. I have tried all these things in various combinations and I'm embarrassed to say I have no idea what actually works. But after several attempts at these "fixes", it just "starts working." Yeah, I know.

3. I have run this for 3 weeks now and each time it first fails on the Thursday afternoon run.


Of note: in my various attempts to "clear the memory" or whatever it is I do that winds up making it work again, I have noticed at least a couple of times where I will get the "No memory" error but the data is actually sent successfully. That's part of what makes it difficult for me to tell exactly what it is I do that "fixes" the issue.


Of note: I said earlier that the server has no traffic besides "what I am doing". There is one other thing I'm doing on the server that might be important here. Besides this single once-daily transmission, I also have a looping routine running 24-7 that sends data to the same hosted file via the same method (curl PUT of json data in a txt file). But none of this data goes to the table or layout for which my above transmission is failing. These transmissions are tiny compared to the once-daily (ie. typically 3k, at most 400k). But they are running all the time and I have experienced "ephemeral port exhaustion" because of it. On the Win Server I have reduced the TIME_WAIT on those ports to 45s down from 4m and that seems to have fixed the port exhaustion problem. And by the way, this TIME_WAIT change was made after I started seeing this "No memory" issue. But...I wonder if in some similar fashion I'm eating up memory all week and it coincidentally crashes each Thurs afternoon. That doesn't seem likely but who knows.


I know of no major changes to anything that coincides with when this problem started. I haven't had this process in place long and the problem basically started with the creation of the process, so it's "been there all along".


I have 16GB of RAM on the server and 4112MB reserved for FMS cache.


I'm a newbie at using FileMaker's PHP so I'm hoping there's something obvious I don't have tuned right or some such. Maybe something in the php.ini file?


And for now, I don't have the time to re-write for FM16s new XML API.


Anyone have any thoughts? There is likely all kinds of important info I've failed to list here. Please ask.