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    Auto-Resize Fields and Field Labels


      FM 15 server, running on a remote server, accessed via WebDirect


      I want to auto-resize the objects in a layout when the screen width is increased.


      EXAMPLE: I have 3 fields with labels in a row with the following spacing -


      fieldA_label [10px space] fieldA [20px space] fieldB_label [10px space] fieldB [20px space] fieldC_label [10px space] fieldC [20px space]


      I want to retain the spacing between the labels and fields and just expand the field widths when the layout width is increased.


      Any ideas?

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          Can't quite be done. You can expand ONE layout object (or column of objects) horizontally as the width of the layout increases. Objects to the right can slide over with the right hand side of the window while objects to the left stay put.


          The same rule applies for vertical size changes. One object or row of objects can expand while objects below move down and objects above stay put.


          These settings are controlled by the auto-size anchors. The expanding objects have anchors set in opposing directions. Objects that move with the increase in window size have right and/or bottom anchors only. Objects that stay put have the default left/top anchors set.

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