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    External authentication not working in FileMaker 16 Server


      External authentication is not working for my FileMaker 16 Server, running on MacOS 10.12.5.


      System Preferences --> Users & Groups --> Login Options shows a green light next to the AD server.


      In the Terminal, if I type "id [username]" for a user in the external AD directory, I see the expected list of groups that the user is in, including groups that should have access to the database.


      On the server console webpage, under Database Server / Security, I have the Client Authentication dropdown set to "Filemaker and external server accounts".


      Firewall is totally disabled on the server (for testing purposes; disabling the firewall didn't solve the problem).


      In my database, I have several externally authenticated accounts set up.


      Client computers (MacOS 10.12.5 running FMP 16, 15, or 14; I tried all three) can connect to the hosted database with a Filemaker account (local to the database), but not with an externally authenticated account.


      What am I missing?