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    FileMaker Server shows incorrect count of connected users


      Product and version FileMaker Server 16

      OS and version Mac 10.12.5

      Browser and version (for WebDirect only) Firefox 52.2 ESR

      Hardware MacBook Pro early 2011 (2ghz core i7, 4gb ram)

      Description In the Server admin console webpage, the Status section shows "0 Total User Connections clients connected" (sic) followed by "0 FileMaker Pro" regardless of the number of FileMaker Pro clients connected. If you go to Activity/Clients, you can see that some users are connected. The 0's persist even if the clients have been connected for a while, even if you switch to Activity and then back to Status, so it doesn't seem to be a refresh or timing issue.

      How to replicate With FileMaker Server installed and set up, connect to a database (the sample database is fine) from a different computer running some version of FileMaker (e.g. Advanced 16, client 14, whatever.). On the FileMaker Server computer, open the Admin Console and look at the Status screen. Observe that it says there are no client connections. Then go to Activity/Clients, and see the client connection you made. Switch back to the Status screen and see that it still says nobody's connected.

      Workaround (if any) Just ignore the Status screen and look at the Activity screen instead.

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          Thank you for your post.


          There are some issues with Firefox, so please first try using another browser like Safari or Chrome and see if you can reproduce the issue.


          If the Admin Console still does not update, then stop and restart the database server.  If that doesn't work, then stop FileMaker Server and reboot the server.  If the issue still occurs, then something is missing from the installation of FileMaker Server and I recommend an uninstalling and reinstalling.



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            I did the following:


            Uninstalled FileMaker Server using the uninstaller provided.

            Immediately reinstalled FileMaker Server, and continued through deployment.

            The server console opened up in Firefox. I didn't make any changes to any of the default settings.

            From another computer, I opened one of the hosted DBs.

            On the server computer, I quit Firefox and opened the server console in Safari. (10.1.1; the computer is running Sierra)

            With one user connected (Activity/Clients shows one connection), the Status screen shows 0 connections.


            I took a screenshot but I don't see a way to attach it here. I'll reproduce what I see in text:


            0 Total User Connections clients connected

                 0 FileMaker Pro [grey]

                 0 FileMaker Go [grey]

                 0 FileMaker WebDirect [grey]

            1 User Connections client limit

            1 Remaining User Connections clients

            1 Additional FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go clients

            0 Custom Web Publishing connections currently open

            2 Databases hosted out of total 2

            1 Schedule is currently enabled



            It makes sense that WebDirect would be greyed out since I disabled that when I installed the server. I don't know why FileMaker Pro is grey (that's how my one client is connected, and is the only way clients ever connect to our server). I don't know why FileMaker Go is in grey either; I would LOVE to be able to disable Go connections, but don't know of a way to do that.

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              From your screen description, the client connecting is using a regular FileMaker Pro license; not a User Connections license.  That's why it shows "1 Additional FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go clients".  See Knowledge Base Article #15704 for more information:


              User Connection Licenses for FileMaker Pro clients | FileMaker


              Once you connect using a User Connection License, you will see an entry in the User Connections clients area.



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