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Scanning barcodes without storing image into container

Question asked by pietergorisio on Jun 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2017 by pietergorisio

Hi fellow computer person,



I'm having a question for barcode storage in FM GO.

My 'solution' is running on a client-server environment.

I have a container that inserts the barcode as an image and then I have a textfield that pulls the data from that container as a string.

Works great. The question that I have now.


Is it needed to store all those ugly images from the barcodes in the solution and keep the field visible?

Isn't there a way to just scan the data into the container field and pulling the data out of it without having to look at that ugly image all the time?

Because it's the string I need to work with anyway.


Kinda new to the barcode topic.


Much appreciated.