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    Citrix and FileMaker 16 Performance Issues


      Hi all -


      Is anyone experiencing performance issues (serious latency, freezing) since upgrading a Citrix-based solution to FileMaker 16?  We have two large clients that we moved from 14 to 16 this past week, and their experience/responsiveness under Citrix has ranged from as expected to unacceptably slow.  Not sure about the cause or remedy.


      If anyone has had this issue, and/or can recommend a viable set of actions to address it, it would be greatly appreciated.  Feel free to contact me directly at james@colibrisolutions.com.



      James Wesolowski

      Colibri Solutions LLC

      New York City

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          There's a lot of variables involved here, from the version and configuration of your citrix server and the quality of the connection between Citrix and FileMaker  servers.


          I don't have any answers for you, but as we are planning the same basic upgrade and also use Citrix, I'll be reading any responses here with interest.

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            What version of XenApp?  There is a difference between what 14 supports and what 16 supports, should be in the system requirements somewhere.


            How much memory is allocated per user session?

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              Well, one of our clients is using Receiver 3.4, and although the "minimum" Receiver client per FileMaker Pro system requirements has been 4.1.2 since FileMaker Pro 14, the client had been using our custom app quite successfully with FileMaker Pro 15.  That changed when we updated to FileMaker Pro 16 with the same infrastructure and user population.  I am not sure about memory allocation, but I reached out to them about this as well.  Are you aware of a minimum per session allocation specific to FileMaker Pro under Citrix?


              BTW, our second large client has not communicated anything of value yet.  Unfortunately, our access to their IT infrastructure is limited and controlled by a substantial bureaucracy.

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                Markus Schneider

                we don't have citrix with FM 16 - but we're running horizon (VMWare) on a quite big installation. Clients are virtualized as well (no local cpu-power), 4GB of RAM. Clients are V15, our own admin accounts with V16.

                We realized that V15 uses a little more RAM than V14 - and the overall performance is not constant. Sometimes fine, sometimes quite slow. We are still investigating. There is no difference between V15 and V16 concerning this.


                What tells the FM Server stat's? What the client stat's

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                  Hi James


                  We've a combination of older Citrix XenApp 6.0 and newer Microsoft RemoteApp servers, from which we publish FileMaker Pro over the Internet.


                  Very early days but our initial impressions are that FM v16 has transformed the experience of Remote Resources within Mac Remote Desktop, whereas the older MDI versions had many window control 'nuances'.


                  However, we've only started testing v16 within Citrix Receiver (12.6.0 on Mac at the moment) and we've having window handling problems on some older multi-file systems we support. Moving from one file to another, say from orders to purchase orders files, is resulting in the background file jumping to the fore when the new foreground window is clicked on (ironically this type of thing happened to the script workspace, debugger, etc. within the Mac RDP/Remote Resources on the MDI version).


                  Looks like we've swapped one problem for another. However, we've not had enough time to benchmark performance as yet, or memory management, which has been a challenge since v15 was released.


                  Kind regards



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                    We have a rather vanilla Citrix setup to enable one custom FileMaker app at our clients.  The custom app uses a data separation model with one UI file and several data files, and it runs great under FileMaker Pro desktop client.  The existing Citrix setup was adequate to run the same solution under FileMaker 15 and FileMaker 16, but I have no access to the Citrix servers to observe benchmarks or modify its setup.  So I am looking for something obvious in setup or compatibility while I try to work the IT channels at our clients.  They, of course, do not know FileMaker at all.

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                      Wim - One of our clients uses XenApp 6.5 and Enterprise Client 3.4.  I have not heard back from the other client.  Both are experiencing latency in response to user actions like finds and script triggers, and overall slowness with screen and portal refreshes.

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                        Before they rolled out 16, did their due-dilligence tests reveal any clues or is it only under load?


                        FM15 and 16 support 7.5, it may be worth a call to FMI to find out if it means 'requires'







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                          Only under load, and only sporadically.  Due diligence is not easy, as cooperation from both IT departments was not great.  It's partially my fault as well.  The move to 15 from 14 under Citrix was a non-event, so we anticipated a bit of the same.  We encouraged them to update the Citrix environment and client, but they were not interested. 


                          I reached out to yesterday Ronnie Rios, Robert Holsey, and Rick Kalman regarding compatibility to inquire about firm requirements. 



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                            Wim et al -


                            Anecdotal evidence at one of our clients suggests that updating the Receiver client to the latest version resolved their problem.  I am trying to find out if the Citrix group in IT did anything to the environment as well.  I have encouraged the other client to update Receiver, so we will see what happens.  Long story short, Citrix requirements have changed in some way between FM 14 and 16, but I am not sure what that change is.


                            I reached out to FMI development and tech support but have so far learned nothing significant from them.  I will continue to inquire to find out about minimum and what and how they test at FMI.  If anyone has any wisdom here, it would be greatly appreciated.


                            - James

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                              Hi James


                              We've not got as far as testing performance as the window handling using Citrix Receiver for Mac 12.6 (latest) is so poor that we can't click on a script window without the layout window behind jumping to the fore. A variation on the behaviour I reported here previously.


                              This is worse when the windows are maximised, if manually resized it is sporadic depending on where the script workspace is in relation to the main FileMaker window, but in general v16 is unworkable using Receiver for Macs. I admit the servers are getting on a bit, being on XenApp v6.0, but we're not sure whether this is a server or Receiver problem as yet.


                              However, initial tests on Windows 10 using Receiver 4.8 are encouraging, so far things appear to be working as expected, pointing to a FileMaker/Citrix Receiver for Mac compatibility rather than the XenApp server?


                              Kind regards



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                                Andy -


                                Our tests are ongoing at our Client 2, but the anecdotal evidence from Client 1 so far is that an update to Receiver 4.7+ for Windows is definitely a requirement.  We have yet to receive any feedback regarding Macs specifically.


                                I have not received any response from FMI regarding minimum XenApp requirements, but I assume it is at least 6.5.


                                - James

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                                  Hi James


                                  We have a 'report product issue' primed to send to FileMaker. However, we need to check whether the problems we're having aren't down to MacBooks with 2nd displays issue (which we all use).  I'm not sure we're getting the same problem with a single display and haven't managed to do a back-to-back test as yet.


                                  However, have been pretty pleased with the Windows performance using Receiver v4.8


                                  We'll try to find the time shortly to revisit the Macs.


                                  All the best



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                                    Hi James


                                    I have just posted on the 'Report a Problem' forum, as we've traced many of the problems we're having down to running laptops with external displays attached.


                                    Running on the built in display on both an old 17" MacBook Pro and a new 2017 MacBook isn't too bad, although we've not carried out extensive tests, the major problems we've experienced with the dual displays don't appear to be happening.


                                    However, attaching the second display and relaunching the same files results in an unusable experience with windows jumping to the foreground and background all the time.


                                    This doesn't appear to be a XenApp server issue as it runs much better in Windows Receiver 4.8 and using a single display on the MacBooks using Receiver 12.6.


                                    Hopefully, the report will be forwarded to the FMI development team for assessment as many of our customers use the dual display option.


                                    Kind regards and have a good weekend.



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