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    ODBC ESS Intermittent Connection only with PSOS


      I'm experiencing intermittent availability of the external data source after migrating from FileMaker Server 15 to 16. I have created a script to test this. It navigates to the layout of an external table, performs a Refresh Window (with Flush cached external data), attempts to Set Field, traps for errors. I run this 10 times via PSOS. I'm getting success sometimes 2/10 tries, sometimes 7/10 tries, etc. Very unreliable. The error is always #117.


      When I run the same script 10 times without PSOS, but in FMP connected to the hosted file, it is reliably successful 10/10 tries!


      All ODBC calls are going through the server of course. I don't know how to explain this. There was not an issue with FMS 15.



      Windows Server 2012r2

      FileMaker Server 16

      MySQL ODBC Connector 5.3.7