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Conditional Value List issue

Question asked by lwarrensgs on Jun 22, 2017
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I have set up a CVL between customers (Customer field) & a part size (ITR) they order (ITR Size field). There are 5 customers out of 2 or 3 dozen that order these part sizes the most, & for each of these customers, there are different part sizes that they order. So for example, customer A with 2 sizes, customer B with 12 sizes, C with 10, etc. There are many part sizes to pick from.


There are 3 issues i have:


1) When I switch customers (say A to B) the value list does not change to reflect the change, it still shows the part size for A until I click on the field, then it changes. I thought the field would automatically change to show the correct sizes. 


2) There are 2 customers that the list will not show the sizes allocated to them, it gives a “<no values defined>” for some reason.


3) The biggest issue is when I go to a customer who is not in the CVL list, the ITR field will show “no  values defined ”. How can I get the entire list of sizes available to be visible for the rest of the customers?


Screenshot attached of the layout & Tables.