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Container file opening error

Question asked by Stigge on Jun 22, 2017
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Hi all,


Hope everyone are good =)


I have what i hope a small issue i dont seem to be able to solve my self :/ that i hope someone of you have the expert skills to help me out with. =)


I have a list where i have added 3 container fields that stores files. 2 of them are Excel files and one of them is a Microsoft Visio file. (over a network diagram if it matters), its a local DB, using FM Pro version


I have created a script that use TemporaryPath and filename of the container and then export field content.

It works great for my excel files but for some reason not for the Microsoft Visio file. am getting a error.

"An error (100) occurred during the action open file. Visio cannot open the file because its not a visio file or has become corrupted"


I have importat about 10 of these Visio files in the list and all files have been checked that they do work locally.

Since the excel files works great, its not an access right issue (atleased not according to my view)


Am guessing its some sort of dependies for Visio files ? anyone have any idees ?



Best of regards