AV Controls

Discussion created by paulgrogan on Jun 22, 2017

I want to provide users on a system with the best possible controls over the display of videos in secure external storage on a host server.


This seems straightforward when the layout used for the display is using the same table as the container field used to hold the video. The av controls display and work fine (Start/Stop/Restart move forward and backward). However the controls seem to go haywire if the container field is in a related table, the video starts from the beginning when the layout opens but then freezes/refuses the other controls when it stops. Should I be adding scripted buttons to overcome this or am I missing something. Being able to run video in a related table doesn't seem like a big ask. Is it an error in filemaker? I am using Filemaker 16 on PC's and Macs with Filemaker 16 Server.