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Entry Table to Summary Page

Question asked by rmycholuk on Jun 22, 2017
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Hey everyone,


I have created an entry list table with various drop down fields and conditional value lists that is built like this. So every day when our receptionist processes payments she tracks it like this.


Input Date > Deposit Date > Salesperson> Invoice > Name > Invoice Type > Invoice Amount > Anniversary Month > Payment Type


But now I am looking to create a summary tables for each day that pull different data to be sent to various people - A Daily Sales Report that only pulls the data from a date we specify and adds it to another page with a header - Sales Group - Daily Report - <date input> and  a Daily Deposit that pulls out and sorts data by payment type. There will be no data entry on these reports. I just need to make summaries of the data I created previously.


Daily Report needs to contain


Salesperson > Invoice> Name> Invoice Type > Invoice Amount > Anniversary Month


Daily Deposit needs the following sorted by Payment Method


Payment Method > Cheque Date > Invoice Number > Name > Invoice Type > Anniversary Month > Invoice Total