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    Relationship Graph Grid Alignment




      Is there an easier way of tidying up my relationship graph?

      (other than leaving loads of blank tables arranged in a grid-like fashion when the file was originally created, and aligning occurrences to those blank tables)?


      I'm worried that the horizontal and vertical axis of redundant blank tables will take up space and make the solution slower.


      It would be amazing if the relationship graph had a 'snap to grid' option; I'm having trouble keeping everything tidy, organised and evenly spaced.

      See attached screen shot.



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          Wow. Grids would be nice. I try my best to keep everything clean, but I also like the freedom of moving things around as needed to keep it visible on one screen.

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            I think the Relationship Graph is lonooooooooooog overdue for enhancements. Unfortunately I don't think it was ever mentioned in the road map .

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              The relationship graph is just a visual representation generated for your viewing when you open the graph. What you see has not affect on the database but what you have created does.


              The more tables, the more relationships, the deeper the relationships the slower the database becomes. THe more complex the links, the calculated fields, etc. the slower the database.


              You can move the objects around, color them, group them, etc. This has no affect on the speed of the database only on your thinking about it.

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                tiff files are not easily viewed by all. You might try posting as attached pdf or inline as JPG

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                  OK. Your zoom level is 6% and as such, the resolution is horrible in the screen shot. Sorry. It is not much help.


                  Yes, there should be improvements in the RG.


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                    Hi Beverly,

                    The detail here isn't important. The screen shot is to illustrate that there is are 2 lines of blank tables on the X axis and Y axis which were automatically added to the relationship graph when I created the tables. I've left them in because there is no other apparent way to align my tables properly, and, as such, it's a clumsy way of getting around the lack of grid. But I'm looking for a more sophisticated way of organising my table clusters into nice, neat, orderly rows and grids.

                    Is there such a way, e.g., a plugin I can install?

                    Last night I deleted quite a lot of table clusters that I'm no longer using, deleted about 2000-4000 fields per table across about 500 tables, deleted about 200 or so scripts and then performed a recover. I reduced the overall file size by 150mb (495mb -> 345mb). But it's still very slow. So I'm wondering if there's a slicker way of tidying up my graph i.e., snapping tables and aligning them into default positions.



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                      There are alignments that can be done with "selected" TO's, so I'm not understanding what you mean. I thought the screen shot would have revealed something I could not 'see' in your description.


                      Too many TO's is a problem and consolidation (less anchor-buoy) is helpful. As is showing only the "title" for the TO (none of the fields).



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                        Hi Beverly,

                        Thank you. Yes, the alignment from 1 table to another is what I'm currently using. But it means I've got loads of blank tables that I've used primarily for arranging my tables into a grid. Some of the tables have even become misaligned at some point or another, so I've had to go through with a fine toothcomb and re-align them, which takes a lot of time, and I'm not even sure my axes-tables are properly aligned anymore, or if this is the right way to go about it.


                        Is there a way of resetting everything in the graph to the default positionings, so that the tables all reposition themselves in the default grid (as it would do when you're adding in new tables)?


                        I'm a bit worried my tables are misaligned and in a bit of a mess and I just want some way of resetting their positions in the graph.



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                          I'm still back in FMP13, but I don't figure the tools have changed much.


                          I simply use the "Arrange" tools at the bottom of the RG window.

                          They are pretty much the same tools as arranging fields on the layout (without the direct pixel input)


                          If you are afraid they are misaligned...simply multiselect and use the align left edge tool.


                          That said...RG cleanup tools would certainly be a nice thing to see.

                          - Snap to grid

                          - Direct pixel address like in Inspector

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                            There are methods of aligning TOs but not to a grid.


                            You can resize the TOs to wides, skinniest and highest, shortest and also realign by left and right using the proper icons are the bottom of the graph after select various TOs.


                            Not has handy as snap to grid...

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                              The alignment, positioning, size, color and renaming of the TOs has nothing to do with how things work in your db. You could select and aligning everything to the left and then to the top so the they are in one neat pile and it would not affect how your db works as long as you don't sever the connectors.


                              The graph is a visual aid and not an end all. Filemkaker's first attempt at relationships involved a messy editor rather than a graphical aid like the RG.


                              A messy weird looking RG will work just as well as a nice neat orderly one.

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                                how about:

                                Product Ideas



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                                  Thanks Beverly.

                                  A bit disappointing, but I've emailed the email address on that page with this possible feature.


                                  Yes, I'm an OCD and a perfectionist


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