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    Cannot write into Drop Down List until it's not populated the first time




      1. I have a "productions" table (id, name, director_id)

      2. I have a "directors" table (id, name)

      3. productions::director_id is the external-key between the two table

      4. In order to have an autocomplete drop-down in the "productions" format, I use "directors::name" (as if I use the directos::id, I cannot use autocomplete on the second field)

      5. The list of values is "All fields in directors"


      The problem:

      6. when I create a new "production", I cannot fill in any value in the directors::name drop-down (like it is disabled)


      The strange thing:

      7. when I edit a production (if I fill-in the production::director_id) then I can change it with the drop-down and auto-complete it (I would expect the same behaviour also in creation)