Benjamin Fehr

Using Field Picker, "Tooltips" with objects coordinates rest on the Layout

Discussion created by Benjamin Fehr on Jun 22, 2017
Latest reply on May 15, 2018 by Benjamin Fehr

Product and version:  FMPA 16

OS and version: macOS10.13 beta2 [17A291j)

Hardware: MBP 13" Retina (late 2013)

Description: In Layout Mode, Drag 'n Drop a Field from Field Picker onto Layout. A "Tooltip" with objects coordinates stays on the Layout. Repeat with one OR many Fields. Finally, the Layout will be covered with "Tooltips". Go back to Browse Mode = Tooltips won't disappear.

Move around FM Window = Tooltips stay fixed on original position.

How to replicate: see above

Workaround:  quit and restart FMPA

Notes: Tested with MBS PLugIn activated/deactivated. other Plugs: BaseElements, TROI File, MyFMButtler PrinterSwitch