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    Using Field Picker, "Tooltips" with objects coordinates rest on the Layout

    Benjamin Fehr

      Product and version:  FMPA 16

      OS and version: macOS10.13 beta2 [17A291j)

      Hardware: MBP 13" Retina (late 2013)

      Description: In Layout Mode, Drag 'n Drop a Field from Field Picker onto Layout. A "Tooltip" with objects coordinates stays on the Layout. Repeat with one OR many Fields. Finally, the Layout will be covered with "Tooltips". Go back to Browse Mode = Tooltips won't disappear.

      Move around FM Window = Tooltips stay fixed on original position.

      How to replicate: see above

      Workaround:  quit and restart FMPA

      Notes: Tested with MBS PLugIn activated/deactivated. other Plugs: BaseElements, TROI File, MyFMButtler PrinterSwitch