FMS15 first boot, can't configure IIS

Discussion created by barabba on Jun 23, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2017 by user19752

Hi, I've complicated issue.. and I don't understand why FMS contribute to raise it and doesn't offer a clear help to solve it.


Once FMS15 installed I open its admin console at , there I stop at the 5th stage about testing the IIS server, it pretends to open the page , now the IIS has by default disable the browsing of subfolders, so I ca open a generic but I can't make work anything like , of course the path exist on the published root folder, as well as files, etc. Even permissions of files are set correctly.


I tried to google and I've found how to change settings inside IIS like allow the browsing of directory, but it still not work.


How FMS pretend that an IIS installed as default (without customizations) can work with such path? Why nobody explained how to setup properly IIS to work with FMS?
I have an error 500.


Thank you for help