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    FMS 16 Web Direct Image display


      I have a test server (FMS 16) in a corporate environment, mostly Windows.  It is behind the corporate firewall.  One particular solution displays images that are stored in an external fileshare. (*but also behind the corporate firewall.)  That particular fileshare is normally designated as Public.


      This has worked very well in FMS/P 12, and on test installs of FMS/P 14, 15 and 16.  (It also (still) works in FMS/P 12 IWP.)


      The problem:  via Web Direct, FMS/P 16, those images are not displaying.  Message is, "The file cannot be found: name_of_image.jpg"  (Field is a calc, Container result, "image:"&URL)


      Given that the images are displaying in non-WD contexts, it does not seem like anything has changed wrt permissions on the Images fileshare. Note:  The dev install of FMS 16 does NOT have an SSL certificate.


      Is this one of those 'WD disabled features' being triggered, or is it something else?  My recollection is that when I had a dev FMS/P 15 setup, that the images were being displayed nicely in WD, but my memory might be playing tricks.

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          Check that the developer server has the access to the shared storage and it is mapped correctly.

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            Sorry about the delay in responding - I'm only here intermittently.  Given that the dev server displays the images perfectly via FMP 16 access (from another WS, and the same one being used for WD testing), I think that there is both access to the shared storage, and that it is mapped correctly.


            At least for FMP (16).  What might be different about WD (16)?  Is it something to do with the message, referring to the dev server not having an SSL Certificate, that says something along the lines that 'some things in WD will not function properly'.  TSGal?


            I'm hoping that it's something that I can change easily within the FMS install but if it's not - if it's something related to intranet/ fileshare access specifically for WD etc - then I'll need to liaise with IT, and thus I'd like to be clear in my requests/ queries.


            Forgot to add:  the message that was displaying within the solution re the "file cannot be found" is no longer displayed, suggesting that something else has changed in the network environment in the last five days.  Edit:  several hours later and the "file cannot be found" message is back, suggesting that there is IT/ network biz happening, maybe related to the latest virus outbreak.


            TIA, Mardi

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              TSGal has provided the answer - again! :-)  WebDirect does not support images (and other content) that is stored externally to FMS, as per the FileMaker 16 WebDirect Guide:    FileMaker 16 WebDirect Guide

              The actual reference is in the section, Designing a FileMaker WebDirect solution/ Step 6 Set up tasks for web users/ Working with graphics, sounds, and movies.  (Rf: FMS 16 WebDirect Images not displaying)


              Sadly, it kills WD as an option for this particular solution, so off to Plan B land.