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    Search field in layout




      I have two tables


      operationsID pk


      year [calculation field: year (date)]



      invoice number

      account ID fk



      accountID pk

      account name


      Tables are related

      account ID fk >--- account ID pk


      I have a report based on OPERATIONS grouped and sorted like this:


      accounts::account name

      invoice number

      date; description, amount


      I want to filter all records by account name.

      In my report I used merge fields. I put only a field accounts::account name in the header of my layout but using find or quicksand doesn't work.


      I try making a script but it also doesn't work.


      Any ideas?

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          Sounds like your relationship is invalid in some way to me. A find in account name should find for your queried account if properly related.


          Make sure that:

          1) FK and PK keys are the same field type (EG text with UUID, or number with auto-enter serial).

          2) Properly related in the relationship graph

          3) Data is filled in appropriately with matching FK and PK keys.


          On your accounts table layout, if you make a portal to operations, can you see those related records?