scroll bars in Windows wreck positioning of unanchored layout objects

Discussion created by William-Porter on Jun 23, 2017
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This bug affects only layout objects that are NOT anchored either to right or left side of the canvas. I have for some time built layouts where NO objects are anchored to port or starboard, so the layout content seems to float in the middle of the page, exactly like this web form in which I'm typing at this moment. It's a terrific design option. Works great in macOS.



The problem


But in Windows 10, if the entire content of the window can’t be displayed in the available vertical space -- if the layout is too tall for the display -- then the scroll bar appears on the right. And the appearance of the scroll bar causes EVERYTHING to get PUSHED TO THE LEFT 17 points. That’s apparently the width of the scroll bar. So if Get(WindowContentWidth) returns 1000 when the scroll bar isn’t visible (say, you’re in list view with only a couple of records found), when the scroll bar becomes visible (because there are more records in the list than can be displayed at once), Get(WindowContentWidth) changes to 983 -- and everything on the layout is moved left to adjust the float, as if the user had grabbed the right edge of the layout and pulled it in to make the window a little smaller. When the scroll bar disappears, everything adjusts back to ‘normal’.


Affects list view AND form view.


This bug makes all my floating layouts jerk around. It’s really a devastating bug for design.





None found. Looks like I have only two options: (a) let my Windows users live with things jumping around in a way that makes me look like a careless designer; or (b) start anchoring everything to the left side of the screen. Neither option is appealing.






Windows 10 (with Creators Update), FileMaker 16, on a Dell XPS 15 laptop.