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Window positioning problems with FM16

Question asked by dannye770 on Jun 23, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2018 by hhenle

I seem to have found a bug regarding window positioning when using dual monitors, but maybe I've just missed something.


Using a New Window script step, I'm opening a new window and setting the position based on the position of my current window (using the Get (WindowTop) and Get (WindowLeft) functions). It works perfectly on machines with just one monitor. But on machines with dual monitors, the window clings to the top of the screen regardless of the position settings. The left position works correctly, only the top position fails.


I tried adjusting the script to remove the relative positioning and instead just set it to Top = 50px and Left = 50px. Same outcome. Left works, but Top clings to the top instead of adjusting down.


This is the behavior for Documents, Floating Documents, and Dialogs. For Cards, it clings to the top of the existing window (rather than the screen), but otherwise the behavior is the same.


Any hints to resolve this? Thanks!