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    Planning upgrades



      I´m planning to upgrade from FMS 15 to 16 and upgrade MacOS to Sierra.

      Should I upgrade OS first? How should I must proceed with the server (Stop database?, Nothing?) ?


      Thanks for your help!

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          i would...

          build another machine/vm with FMS 16 and the new operating system on it... copy the files from the 15 server to the 16 server and test the snot out of the new system.

          Once the 16 server is proven then unhost the files on both servers, delete the files on the 16 server, copy the files from the 15 to the 16 server. Host the 16 files and shutdown the 15 server or at least make it inaccessible to users for a little while before deprecation.

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            I believe there is a guide out there but couldn't find it.


            This can take time because if the OS change.



            Close all files after all users are disconnected. Save Server schedules to external media from the admin console. Stop the server via Terminal and wait for any fms process to stop in Activity Monitor. Copy any database folder, extension folder and local external open container folder to external media. At this point I sometimes also wait for a full time machine backup as well.


            Update the OS.


            Stop FMS via Terminal after restart.


            Download ad new FMS dmg and open it. There will be an Extras folder in the dmg that has an uninstalled for your current version, run the uninstall. 


            Once uninstalled you run the FMS installer. Go through the process of installing and the deployment wizard.


            Create a new SSL CSR and rekey/reinstall your SSL certificate.


            Add any additional folders for databases in the admin console. Check that all databases are hosted in Activity.


            Load back in any server schedules with the settings file you saved.


            You should be good to go from here. I am sure someone may mention somehting I might have missed.

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              coherentkris has some good advice if you can setup a second machine for testing. The FileMaker Developer Subscription is great for this.

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                Thank you very much for your response.

                But if you´ve got only one machine???

                How would you proceed?

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                  Get another machine? Honestly an inexpensive used  laptop could work for this kind of testing. An old dual core MacBook Air capable of running an FDS install can be found online for under $100.