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How can I Fix this FMGo 16 Problem with the iPad?

Question asked by joshuaw07 on Jun 23, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2017 by joshuaw07

I'm accessing a file hosted on filemaker server via iPad FMGo 16 app


The hosted file must have a user name and password.


The local file does not need a user name and password.


The local file is set up to access the hosted file as an external database to access certain fields.


So when I access the app via iPad i do not need to login to either the local file or hosted file and everything is properly accessible.


However, if I lock the iPad screen at any point in my use of the local file, The hosted file password login screen appears (see image below). I cannot give out the hosted file user and password to our 50+ team members so they are instructed to hit cancel.


When someone cancels out the host login screen, it closes out the entire local file and goes to the FMGo launch screen and looses any data entered prior to the iPad screen being locked


My team members using the iPad solution do not need to log in to the hosted file everytime the iPad screen is locked. In addition, there has to be a way to prevent the local file from closing.


How can i prevent FMGo forcing me to re login to an already connected external database everytime the iPad screen is locked?