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    FM 15A - NULL Data Question


      FM 15A - I use MSSQL DB TABLE's via ODBC.  I'm trying to load a layout with records where a specific field is null (i.e. MSSQL equivalent: select [field list] from [table] where [specific field] is null).  I've tried a many various "trial and error" methods to achieve this but have failed miserably.  Any help would be appreciated.


      Thank you,

      Ron Harris

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          FileMaker does not have a distinct concept of NULL.   It uses NULL, "empty" and 0 interchangeably in cases and inconsistently in others.


          However, you can FIND for empty by doing  "==" (minus the ""s) in the field in question and performing the find, this will produce all records where that field doesn't have a value (empty).   Via other methods (like relationships) you might need to create a calculated field that results in "1" if the field(s) in question is empty, otherwise "0", then join on all the 1 records.


          Hope this helps!

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            Thank you.  This worked well.  One method I tried was ="" and another was =="".  == by itself worked (I'll be darned!)

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              Will we get the same result using a single equal sign? Or does the double equal sign add something extra to the mix?



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                While = will work too, for this specific case,  == is the operator you generally want to use when you are using criteria that should apply for the entire contents of the field.  It's just a good habit to always think in that way. 


                Otherwise, you might find yourself using "=c" rather than "==c" when you are looking for only records that have "c" in them, etc.   ( The former will actually find records with "a c" (etc) in them too, while the latter will only find records with "c". )

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