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WebDirect and Virtual Server License

Question asked by PeterChen on Jun 23, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2017 by PeterChen

I've got a 30-day trial account setup with Triple8 using WebDirect (Triple8 allows the use of WebDirect for a trial account).


It took me only a few minutes to setup and upload my files. While my 2 dbases work fine on my desktop with FMPro 14,

they don't work correctly with remote access on Triple8. Buttons and scripts don't work correctly. Even the positioning of a rectangular object shifts to

a different position.


Triple8 advises that I should get a virtual server.


I've also checked with Point-in-space and they don't provide WebDirect with a trial account and suggested that I should get my own virtual server.

On top of hosting fee, I need to pay $79/month for the Virtual Dedicated Server excluding the server license fee to pay to Filemaker (wonder another how much is that?).


I'm wondering if it's really advisable for me to go this path since I'm unsure if having my own virtual server will resolve these issues.


Any advice from experienced people here using WebDirect?