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I have a layout that is split into three. On the far left is a vertical menu bar, to the right of this is an information panel that summarizes certain relevant file data and to the right of this is the main page which displays information about the current record.


Then I have a Track table from which I wish to use two fields, __pkTrackID and TrackName - to display the Track Name in my information panel when the record's __pkArtistID is relevant.


Clicking on the track title would then result in the relvant data page being displayed to the right or if multiple recirds filtering a portal list to the right.


I want to maximise the information panel width used to display the track names rather than just have a single portal running down the panel as is some instances there are a large number of tracks - meaning the resulting portal length is not really ideal.


My new idea is to use three narrow portal windows. I have a script that performs a find in the Track table against the relevant __pkTrackID, sorts the resulting list alphabetically, then splits it into three - via a Loop - by assigning one of three temporary portal IDs - A, B or C - to consecutive records returned in the search.


This means that the three portal display runs alphabetically from left to right, as you read down through it. This is still not ideal though for me.


I've looked at creating a dynamic value list using the TrackName field contents and then using these in a check box field with Conditional formatting to re-size text when there are X number of records. I'm investigating how to use a larger version of the field if the records exceed Y number.


My question is does any one have any other ideas how to do this?


I like the checkbox idea but am told that these are multi-tenanted so can be changed by other users?


If I can return the checkboxes as unchecked can checking one or more of them be used to filter in the instance where an artist list is displayed on the right as well as the artist page when it's only one artist.


Am getting a bit confused as to the best approach - given they both have limitations. Thanks in advance.