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    "Processing query" ... dialog box




      What specifically causes this dialog box to appear when you have NOT execute a FIND command?


      I have layouts that use portals and some of them are sorted and some of them are filtered and I see this dialog every time I change from Layout Mode to Browse Mode.  I have not invoked any FIND commands and there are no script triggers on the layout.


      I've been seeing this dialog ever since FileMaker 15 .... maybe even 14 ... and I'd like to make the portals show the new circular refresh icon instead if that's the cause of it.


      Also, in my experience the cancel button does nothing unless you have an hour to spare.  Otherwise, I have to force-quit or use the Admin Console to disconnect myself from the server.

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          This can show up for finds or filtered portals. This tends to show whenever there is some sort of record lookup that takes more than 1-2 seconds to complete. If you have a lot of unstored calculations I think this affects the time as well.  It is something that I hope FMI will fix in FM17. Similar issue with Insert from URL progress dialog. There are ways to work around this but the best look at the causes first and see if you can get the timing below the dialog threshold.

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            The new circle loader is nice. I believe you need SSL for that to work.

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              It's something that seems to have come up more with 15.  The one big thing to check is to see whether those layouts where it happens are using the Classic theme.  If they do: change the theme.  That seems to cut down on the number of times you'll see this and how long the dialog will stay active.


              It won't get rid of this entirely.  Make sure to use the top call stats log that was introduced in FMS15 to try and narrow down what FMS is doing at the time.  It almost certainly will turn up to be some calculation that fires that involves a relationship.  The calculation may fire because of some unstored calc on the layout, a calculated webviewer, conditional format,... anything that could be invoked by FM refreshing or updating a record in the found set as part of its usual notification scheme.

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                I added an idea to hopefully help with this.

                Configurable Native Progress Dialogs