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    Duplicating Portal Rows




      I have four portals, each one located on a different slide panel. And I am trying to write a script duplicating the selected portal row on which the button is embedded.


      The button works on the first portal just fine.  When I click the duplicate button for another portal, FMP creates the duplicate row, but mysteriously navigates back to the first slider. 


      Any tips or tricks for getting it to stay on the current slider?  Code shown below.



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          When you change layouts, sliders and tabs reset to their default panels.


          Option 1:

          give the panel an object name in the inspector. Add a go to object step at the end of your script to return the focus to the correct tab panel.


          Option 2:

          add a new window step to the beginning of your script with coordinates that hide the window by placing it off the edge of the monitor. Close the window at the end of your script. This does not work in GO.


          Option 3:

          Use MagicKey technique to duplicate record without changing layouts or opening an extra window.

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