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FileMaker Go 16 PDF Output Page Orientation Problem

Question asked by wigz on Jun 26, 2017
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I have a script that creates a landscape PDF of records being browsed which works fine on the desktop.  However, when the equivalent script is run on my iPad from within FMGo 16, the page orientation defaults to portrait rather than landscape corrupting the output as a result. 


I added a 'Print Setup' line ahead of the 'Save Records as PDF' script step, however, this still does not address the issue.  The only way I managed to force it into a landscape layout through the script was to append the output to a blank pdf set up in landscape orientation, however, this is only a 'one-shot' solution because the empty pdf is then no longer empty.


I can manually go through the 'Actions | Print' menu to set page orientation to landscape and then 'Actions | Print | PDF' to create a useable output file, what am I missing when trying to do this using a script?


Thank you in advance for your help.


Regards, David


Running FM Pro Adv 16 on mac and FM Go 16 on iPad Air2