Go to Field selects the field in a different portal

Discussion created by arnoldkegebein on Jun 26, 2017
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The Setup:

  • Create a portal with a field A, a button B, and a popover with a field C. Set the portal to show only one row, starting with the 1st row.
    • The button runs a script that changes values in portal field A and C.
  • Duplicate the portal with all its content, place it next to the first portal, and change the setting: show one row, starting with the 2nd row.
  • Repeat, if you like (with setting starting row to 3rd row)


The Problem:

When I append the script with the command "Go to Field [ Select/Perform; PortalTable::FieldC ]" and click the button in the second portal, field A + C in the 2nd portal are changed (as expected), but then the popover of the 1st portal opens and the field C inside this popover is selected. I expect the popover in the 2nd portal, where I clicked the button, to open.


The Confusion:

When the script goes to field A instead field C, everything works as expected. Field A + C are modified and then field A in the 2nd portal is selected.


Is this a bug or a feature which usefulness I do not understand?



~Arnold Kegebein