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Problem connecting to FileMaker server from remote location?

Question asked by normancole on Jun 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2017 by normancole

I'm testing out FileMaker 16 and have uploaded several applications successfully to our server application. I can call up and run these applications just fine from my local area network, but have no luck accessing them from and other (outside) location. I've port forwarded all the appropriate ports with my (Telus) router OK (at least that's what the router configuration indicates) and have an account with dyn to ensure I have a fixed ip address to the server.


Regardless, I'm unable to get any contact to the server. Perhaps someone could get me to a link that could help out or give me some idea what I may be doing wrong!


As an example ..I should be able to access the Admin Console remotely by typing into a browser ..No luck.


Any help would be appreciated. 




Norm Cole