FM GO 15/16 fail to execute 'onFirstWindowOpen' script trigger

Discussion created by TomPingel on Jun 25, 2017
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The attached is a one table, one field database with one script that has two steps.


The file was created in FM Pro Advanced 15.


The first step of the script is a custom dialog box that says the script has run. The second step closes the file.


The script is set on the script trigger for ‘on first window open’ in ‘file options’ and is expected to run when the file is opened.


When this database is opened using FM Go 12, the script trigger correctly runs the script and displays the dialog box.


When this database is opened using FM Go 15, the script trigger fails to execute the script.


Why does the database behave as expected in FM Go 12 but not FM Go 15 (and I assume 16)?


Has the behavior of the file option/script triggers feature changed since FM Go 12?


Or what is the issue?


(This is reproducible on multiple ipads)


Thank you.