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    FM GO 15/16 fail to execute 'onFirstWindowOpen' script trigger


      The attached is a one table, one field database with one script that has two steps.


      The file was created in FM Pro Advanced 15.


      The first step of the script is a custom dialog box that says the script has run. The second step closes the file.


      The script is set on the script trigger for ‘on first window open’ in ‘file options’ and is expected to run when the file is opened.


      When this database is opened using FM Go 12, the script trigger correctly runs the script and displays the dialog box.


      When this database is opened using FM Go 15, the script trigger fails to execute the script.


      Why does the database behave as expected in FM Go 12 but not FM Go 15 (and I assume 16)?


      Has the behavior of the file option/script triggers feature changed since FM Go 12?


      Or what is the issue?


      (This is reproducible on multiple ipads)


      Thank you.

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          Johan Hedman

          Do you have a file reference so that the file open up hidden from file 1?

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            Thank you for your post.


            Using your file, I am unable to replicate the issue with FileMaker Go 14, FileMaker Go 15 and FileMaker Go 16.  Each time I open your file, the OnFirstWindowOpen script trigger is executed.


            What is the iOS version being used on each iPad?  My iPad Pro is using iOS 10.3.2.


            Try resetting the system memory by rebooting the iPad.  Once rebooted, launch FileMaker Go and open the file.  Does this work?



            FileMaker, Inc.

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              This has been quite a journey but the end has been reached.


              It turns out there were two issues.


              I had been unable to run my application on my client's new ipad/new computer at their 2nd site using FM Go 14,15, or 16. The ipad is on ios 10.3.2.  I was able to open the app on the ipad, but could not open the host.


              I worked on my development computer (macbook sierra) and an old ipad using ios 9.3.5 to try to diagnose.  That's when I created the 'dummy' app that I sent to this discussion as an example of my problem. Didn't work on my ipad but no one on the discussion had any trouble with it. When TSGal mentioned ios 10.3.2 that was my 'ah-ha' moment. Since mine was an old ipad, I couldn't upgrade to ios 10.  Of course my app wouldn't work using FM Go 15 or 16 since they require ios 10.


              I took the 'dummy' app to my client's site to see if it would run there. When I ran it, the ipad issued a warning about connecting to the host. Never saw that before. As soon as I said 'always' the issue went away.


              In looking at my full app - not the dummy - I had a 'set error capture [off]' before the attempt to access the host.  That kept the connection warning from displaying and the app went into the spinning color wheel. Once the 'always' reply was given to the connection request, the problem went away.


              So I learned two things from this journey:

                   I need to upgrade my ipad if I expect to test with FM GO 16.

                   Depending on the local network, an ipad may issue a warning when trying to connect to a host.


              Thanks, TSGal, for waking me up and pointing me toward the solution