Updating a Filemaker Server Database...

Discussion created by AdamHorne on Jun 24, 2017
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I built a database for a friend to track his inventory.  I need to update his database with a few new layouts, scripts, etc.


Currently, he hosts the file on Filemaker Server, locally in his office in North Carolina.  I'm in Georgia, so I have no access to do this in the shop.


The internet connection is not very strong, so I would like to do all changes on my computer and not LIVE.


My thoughts are as follow:


- Log into the Filemaker Server Admin Console and backup the database

- Close the Database on Server

- SFTP into his system and download the backup. 

- Do my updates on the backup file

- Upload it to Library/Data/Databases/ and replace the existing file

- Resume the Database




1. Is it possible to just download the actual file stored in Library/Data/Databases/ or should I download the backup file? Or does it not matter?


2. Are there any problems that I'm not seeing?


3. With the database down, is it alright to replace the server file then start it back up? Will I have any errors?