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Help needed on some issues with FMPro 16 Advanced

Question asked by PeterChen on Jun 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2017 by PeterChen

1) I've just upgraded from FMPro 14 to FMPro 16 Advanced and noted that the script to Open another file is still not compatible with WebDirect as with my v14.


I have a button in File "A" using Perform Script to open file "B" which works perfectly on my desktop (without WebDirect), but with WebDirect enabled the script is dimmed (grayed out) as incompatible like WebDircet in v14.


With WebDirect how do I use a script to Open or Go To another UNRELATED file?


I have tested only on a v14 hosted server, but NOT on a hosted v16 server yet and the dimmed script did not work on v14 WebDirect.

I supposed dimmed scripts on v16 Advanced also do not work on WebDirect.


2) Is the Script Debugger always automatically Enabled or could it be Disabled?


3) I've checked the Script Debugger to "Pause on Error" and it paused at my comment lines with the verbiage: "Last error [3] Command is unavailable (for example, wrong operating system or mode)"


Why is a comment line flagged as a bugged script?


4) Scripts in my v14 file do not behave exactly the same now in v16 Advanced.


Any advice?