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Can't get some fields to duplicate when duplicating record.

Question asked by kite55surfer on Jun 24, 2017
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I am a novice on Filemaker and can't figure this out.

Like says on title can't get some fields (some text, some numbers) to duplicate when duplicating record.

I am not trying to duplicate all fields, only those not-calculated, etc.


I tried many things like: "Value from last visited record" (making sure I visited the same field on the record to be duplicated)


The records have fields from 2 tables (Sales Orders & Quotes). All the fields from "Sales Orders" get duplicated (exc. "Date" that gets updated as it should) but none of the fields from "Quotes" do.


All the fields (Sales Orders & Quotes) use: Auto-complete using existing values (exc.1 calculated field and the "Date" field).


By the way all the fields names from "Quotes" are in "red font", while the fields names from "Sales Orders" are in "black font"; not sure why that is or if it matters.


I am using a "Business Solutions" from FM that I extensively changed years ago to suit my needs. I am using FM 12 Pro.


Any help will be greatly appreciated.