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Database Structure Overview Question

Question asked by base193 on Jun 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2017 by bigtom

I am a Beginning/Intermediate FileMaker User/developer. I have built some very simple invoicing databases that have the standard tables...


- Customer Table

- Invoice Table (withy portal that holds Line Items)

- Line Items Table (Where prices are generated by inputting information about costs etc.)


.... But What if I want to go 1 level deeper. What if I wanted there to be several potential SEPARATE tables that can be drawn upon in order to create the price for any 1 line Item on the invoice. Sometimes it might be information from just 1 of the potential "child" tables that feeds into the Parent Line Item, and sometimes it might be a combination of multiple amounts from Multiple "Child" tables in order to come up with the single price for the Parent Line Item, where that "Parent Line Item" is just 1 line item related to an Invoice which will have several line items in it's portal.

    How should I think about this from a ERD Standpoint?

- Is it legitimate to have a Row of a Portal on an invoice look into at Table that is actually just a combination of potentially several tables?

  I have attached a VERY rough ERD of what I am trying to ask about. Is this a reasonable way to do it, or am I thinking about it wrong? Don't pay attention to any of the specifics of the ERD tags as they are just placeholders. The only things that are relevent in the ERD are the Table Names and the Linking lines of "one to many."

  Thank you for your assistance here.