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Populate foreign key when importing new records to table

Question asked by dicksmith on Jun 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2017 by dicksmith

Running FMP14.  I'm tracking annual property assessments in my town, about 40,000 parcels each year.  3 related Tables,  Parcels, Assessments, Sales.  The Parcels table contains Parcel Identification Numbers (PINs), addresses, owners, usage type, etc. The Assessments table is updated annually with 40,000 more records, each with one additional field containing TaxYear (2013, 2014, etc.) 


The problem is to populate the foreign key _kf_assessment_id with the value of the corresponding primary key _kp_parcel_id.  How best to do this each year? So far I've been doing it in a spreadsheet prior to importing into FMP, so that the key is among the assessment values when the new records are added, but surely FMP has a way to do this internally?