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Question asked by PeterChen on Jun 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2017 by PeterChen

Oh, I need help! Spent over 4 hours without any progress on the following issue


I'm struggling with my new v16 Advanced Debug pause without comprehending what that pause meant. Below are screenshots of my 2 scripts.


1) Script boxed up in Blue:


It paused on line 8 (Halt Script) with the Last error verbiage stated as [101] Record is missing.


I wonder what it means by "Record is missing."


When a green arrow (looks quite like an arrow) appears, I presume it means error, but does it mean an error has occurred before or after the arrow?


1.1) First Pause



1.2) 2nd Pause after clicking the Continue arrow.



2) Script boxed-up in Red:


The Verbiage below says "No error" but why does the green arrow still appear on line 1 (Commit Records/Requests...) and Paused?
And does that mean an error has or has not occurred on line 1?


Today, I tried combining my files into one with multiple tables and am struggling in getting it to work