Using a path to populate a container

Discussion created by tlmurray on Jun 26, 2017
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Using FM16 for Mac. I have a table of a number of paths, and at the end of the path is a document (PDF, Excel, MP3, it varies). The original path is to a server but I can pull these down to my Mac and it would't make any difference.


What I'd like to do is populate a field with the paths, one path per record, and have the container show the file. I could easily separate them (the target files) into images and interactive, but optimization is not important and only a still image is needed. I have tried setting the container to some calculations, but I can get only manual methods to work.


There are the scripts "insert from URL" , insert PDF, and others, but those end up showing just an icon (from a server) and, from desktop, connection cannot be made. And of course, it's an execute-per-record.


Finally, I'd rather point to the document, not embed.


Any ideas? Thanks.


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