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What Code do I need to make a field appear when the user imputs one answer, and not the other?

Question asked by eclarkson on Jun 26, 2017
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Hey all! I have two issues.


1. I am currently using Filemaker Pro Advanced 13 (I know it's old, no judging!). I have these two fields. One of them I have made a checkbox set linked to a value list that is literally just "yes" and "no." When the user clicks "yes" I would like a secondary field to appear that asks how many numbers of that thing they need. If they click "no" I don't want it to appear.


If I am doing this the wrong way, please let me know. I am learning this program as I build this database.


2. This one is incredibly simple and I can't believe I can't figure it out. I've made a Home page for the program to make it easy for the users to navigate without having to explore the program too much. On this home page, I would like them to be able to enter the Year (because this file is for an annual festival they work on). I want that year to appear on other layouts without them having to type it in every time. This has GOT to be simple.


If you need additional information, let me know!! I hope you can help!