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Remove zero's from subsummary report

Question asked by ndveitch on Jun 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2019 by kemseakeiron

Hi there,


What is the best way for removing zero totals from a sub summary report. I have a summary report that is working as required. There are some lines in the summary report that have a total of zero, but this is to be expected as the records for the summary report are both positive and negative amounts and then a user will match them off if they total zero. If the balance is not zero, then the user knows that either an invoice has not been raised, or money has come in and is not assigned to an invoice or a credit note has been raised and not settled, ect. So if the balance is zero, then the user can quickly go in and match it off, and this will remove it from the report, but if there is a balance in the total field, the user needs to send the report to that files assigned user to get a reason as to why there is a balance.


So the user doing the matching has requested that they have the ability to remove the summaries that have a zero total so that they can send just the list with balances to the relevant user. I was thinking of creating a plain text field and update it with a 1 or 0 depending if the total is 0 or not, then run my find off that field. I did this in another program using the GetSummary() function, but it slowed my system down so much I ended up using a plain text field and did a replace field contents every time the script ran which was not ideal. For that solution it worked, but for this one I want to find out if there is a better way to do it.