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"Insert File" script step Webdirect on Firefox

Question asked by on Jun 26, 2017
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Filemaker WebDirect 16


I'm not sure if Firefox browser is officially supported with WebDirect.  It seems to be just behind Chrome for implementing WebDirect apps.  Unfortunately, I have to give my clients multiple browser options.  I did find this one little issue using the "Insert File" script step with Firefox.  If you select a filename with more than about 40 characters, the "Upload" button gets pushed off the edge of the dialog box.  Chrome seems to compensate by changing the filename to something like "first10char...last10char" which seems to work great.  Please see the attached screenshots for Chrome and Firefox.


The questions is: Is there any way to shorten the filename captured after selecting the "Choose File/Browse" button or allow the filename to wrap to keep the "Upload" button on the screen? Or any other ideas to keep the button from being pushed off the screen.


Is there an alternate way to ask a user to select a file from their system to upload to a container?


Any ideas would be appreciated.