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Discussion created by jaythefirst on Jun 26, 2017
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Id like a green tick icon as a verified symbol and a red cross as an unverified symbol.


The easy route to this is radio buttons, looking up a value list that has 2 options, verified, not verified. Simple yes / no option. And this works, Im using it at the moment.

But its not very pretty, i would rather an icon that displays.

I think it's an if function ( If this is true, do this. If its not true, do this)

or ( if this is true display green cross, else display red cross.

True needs to display green tick icon. False needs to display red cross icon.


Ive played with it for 3 hours now, and Im not sure where should I store those icons. or how to link to them.

I watched a few youtube videos, but not cracked it yet.


Can anybody point me to an article, to give me a kick up the whatsit.