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    Green tick Red cross


      Id like a green tick icon as a verified symbol and a red cross as an unverified symbol.


      The easy route to this is radio buttons, looking up a value list that has 2 options, verified, not verified. Simple yes / no option. And this works, Im using it at the moment.

      But its not very pretty, i would rather an icon that displays.

      I think it's an if function ( If this is true, do this. If its not true, do this)

      or ( if this is true display green cross, else display red cross.

      True needs to display green tick icon. False needs to display red cross icon.


      Ive played with it for 3 hours now, and Im not sure where should I store those icons. or how to link to them.

      I watched a few youtube videos, but not cracked it yet.


      Can anybody point me to an article, to give me a kick up the whatsit.




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          Johan Hedman

          Then create a small image for your symbols and use Hide object to show your value from the field

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            There are two different ways you could go about doing this.

            You can conditionally hide images placed on your layout. But this could get a little complicated and can make your layout look messy.

            It also might not be the most flexible or user friendly way to go about depending on how many icons you want and if they ever need to change.

            An other way to do this would be to create a related table where your user can simply change the icons and add as many as they want.

            Then simply display the image from the related table on your layout.


            I created you a quick youtube video to show you both techniques.


            Greetings Guy

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              Absolutely perfect solution to my question. And as well as giving me my on green tick / off red tick /  icon solution. I got a whole image bank system to use throughout my database solution. Thank you so much Guy.

              Its 01:22 here, but I completely understand how to do it, and how it can help me in other solutions.

              Bed time now but will implement it in the morning.

              I watched other videos made by Guy and they are really useful. Guy Stevens - YouTube

              Thank you again.


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                Mike Duncan

                If you want, you can also use buttons that display svg icons, and show/hide those just like you would otherwise. Probably much more efficient, and svg icons you add to a file are available throughout the file, so you won't need an image archive either.


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                  How / where do i save that SVG graphic? Is there a place that I can add icons to the place where button icons show up in the Filemaker button menu / inspector?

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                    When you create a menu bar with the three buttons, the dialog has the icons inside the scrolling field. You can add icons here using the small + and then locating the icon. It will appear with the others. Regular png images work and can also be colored. Fat Cow has a lot of free icons that will work.