Multi-Threading FileMaker?

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Back in the dark ages Apple computer joined the club and began offering Multi_finder, multi-threading etc.


There were raging arguments about what is multi-threading in various lists. On the Mac at that time it was timesharing rather than simultaneous actions. An action proceeded for a few tics and then another was given some time. The computer was fast enough that the pauses weren't noticed.


I used 4D before I converted exclusively to FileMaker in order to become sane again and enjoy the much restricted and easier to use environment. However, 4D was 'multi-tasking'. For instance, I wrote a short script that would open a new window and begin add one to a field and refresh window in a loop. I performed this script 24 times so that there were 24 open windows and 24 counters I could watch change their values.


I can't do this in FileMaker, FileMaker is 'single threaded'. I'd have to pause a script to run another.


Apple is touting an 18 Core iMac soon to be delivered. FileMaker Pro won't be using any of those to do multi-tasking as I described it above.


16 delivers a much improved method of opening new windows and assigning layouts, etc. But if I have 12 windows open, only one is doing something unless there is someone to use the pause function and passing a script around.


Acknowleding being able to run a script on server, wouldn't it be nice if FIleMaker Pro could start a script that opens a new window and updates all of our accounts for the EOM billing and after an account is updated that account id would be passed as a parameter to another script that printed the statement while the billing update continued. OK, one script could do that.


But what if while I am watching that happen in Window A  I could update my price list in window b using script b while reviewing  estimates and job orders using a script in window c?


I created a rather trying script to allow the CEO to watch the current sales over the phone in real time but that prevented him from using an of the other FileMaker features.


Multi-Tasking Now!