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Combining Checkbox set with normal fields for find request

Question asked by J_File on Jun 26, 2017
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So, I have the following script that I am pretty sure is almost there:


Edit Script “Search Advanced Jobs List” (The DataBank (26-06-2017 16-42)) FileMaker Pro Advanced, Today at 00.59.42.png


Lines 11 to 15 make up the 'AND' part of the find request. If any of these fields are completed, they should be used in a cumulative way. Note, that these three sind fields may all be empty, part completed or all completed. These work fine on their own.


Lines 18 to 23 are lifted from a post from philmodjunk, and work very well on their own.


The problem arises when I try to combine both of these different things into the single find script.


From the following find request (ignore the job acceptance status checkbox set as I have not put this into the script yet!)


The DATABANK FileMaker Pro Advanced, Today at 01.06.49.png

.... I would expect to get all the Job results for Nike Limited, in Dublin,  in June 2017, where the job status is 'Report Delivered' OR 'Ready for Invoice' OR 'Complete (Invoiced)'.


Any help would be great. I have trawled for a similar request, but not found anything so posting this up.


Hopefully I will have my answer when I wake up (UK time its way past midnight).


Thanks, J