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Using FileMaker In A Music Library/Player Solution

Question asked by TrepArts on Jun 26, 2017
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I was very intrigued when I came across a video on YouTube by Nicolas Hunter, "Apple iTunes In Your FileMaker Pro Database Solution". Using FMPro 10, and the plugins "SimpleSound" from 24uSoftware, and "Troi File", from Troi, he has essentially recreated Apple's iTunes using FileMaker Pro.


All the functionality of iTunes is there, including the ability to search and drag/drop music tracks into playlists, then edit, add, delete, whatever needs doing, while the current playlist plays on sequentially, one track after the other. The functionality he demonstrates here is quite amazing. The work that must have gone into that must have been fairly extreme.


I'd like to create something similar, but maybe more along the lines of Amazon Music Unlimited. The music would be sorted by Albums and Tracks. But my thoughts are for more than just a Library/Music Player. I have an interest in the Contemporary Instrumental/Jazz/Space Music genres and would like to see if I can develop a website that would feature this type of music.


The website would be centered around a "Radio Program" similar to "Hearts Of Space" ( For each Track in the library, it needs to list which "Programs" (that is, Playlists) it played in. There would be extensive other info for the Artist, Album and individual Track, including News, Reviews, Articles, etc.


I see how I can get started with this Library. Two tables, Albums and Tracks, can be created and related with each other. An Album detail can list its Tracks in a portal. By using a reference to each Track's MP3 file, double-clicking in the container will play the file in its associated software, WinAMP in my case. Tracks can also be embedded and played back in FMPro, A List View can be used to search for Tracks, say, by Genre, or Artist, or Album, etc. But the Tracks in the Search Results can only be played back one at a time.


I don't yet know how to expand much further than this. I'd like to select Tracks from the Search Results and add them to a "Program" (Playlist), by drag/drop or some other function. I'd like to be able to open a Playlist and have it play back its Tracks in sequence. I'd also like to be able to update indivudual Albums or Tracks while a Playlist is playing.


Also, I'm very much into Album Art. I'd like to be able to display an Album's Cover for each record in a list view, whether viewing Albums or Tracks. This would be similar to the way Amazon Music does things in their music player, where they're displayed in a grid view.


Anyone ever tried creating a music library in FMPro like this?


It CAN be done. The iTunes solution certainly demonstrates drag/drop functionality among other fascinating features. Also, there are many other solutions found all over YouTube and the web that show functioning grid displays.


But is it too complicated? Can FMPro add benefits to a music library that one's own favorite Music Player doesn't have?