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Deleted Table Remains in Layout

Question asked by flightprofessor on Jun 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2017 by flightprofessor

Hi. I'm a brand new Filemaker /FM Community user. This is my first question to the community. So please be gentle if I'm posting this incorrectly or in the wrong place.


I'm using FMP16A ( I created a Table X in Manage Database. Later, I deleted Table X in Manage Database (in both Graphs and Tables).

Yet, when I go to Layouts, Table X still appears in the list. If I try to edit a layout based on Table X, Layouts informs me that Table X is missing.


Another way of saying this is 17 tables show up in my Layouts list, while only 16 tables show up in the database management window.


Any thoughts? Any way to determine where the extra Table X in layouts is lurking and purge it?