Reproductible bug : Card window locked on windows

Discussion created by airmoi on Jun 26, 2017
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I found a strange bug while playing with card windows on Windows 10 (tested on both 32 and 64b versions) :

I have a card windows where users can add documents.

When the card is opened without defining a window name, once you've added a doc, your stuck in the card !

Both legacy close button or "close window" step won't be able to close the window.

Using debugger, if you go twice on "close window" step, fmp will crash !


As a workaround, I found that defining a window name for the card window solve the issue. That may help you in your investigations.


NB : this bug is not present on macOS


You'll find a demo file that reproduce the bug in attachment :

  • Clic on "add" button
  • Drag and drop or insert a file
  • Try to close the card


FileMaker Pro Advanced

Windows 10 Pro up to date (1703 - 15063.413)