Field based on summary field of saved search?

Discussion created by deanster2u on Jun 26, 2017
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New to FM. Suck at scripting. Thanks in advance for your help. Have looked around and gotten snippets of answers to what I'd like to do but looking for a tried and true streamlined way to do it.


I have a table of 900 medical records. Two of the fields are birth year and birth weight. I have a saved search showing records of only each birth year along with a summary average field of birth weight for that particular year.


On a form view layout I display all the vital stats in fields. I'd like another field that would get the birth year of the current record, and get the average birth weight from the summary field of the saved search for only children born in that particular birth year.


What's the best way to approach this calculation? Should I even bother with the saved searches?