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BaseElements, be_smtp_send breaks my attachements

Question asked by t.andersen on Jun 27, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2018 by PowerSlave

Version: FM Advanced 14.0.6

System: MacOSX 10.10.5

BE version: 3.3.4




I am trying something as simple as adding a single attachment to an email via BE.

BE plug-in 3.3 and up has an elegant function for attaching multiple files to an email. A function lacking in FM.

Combining "BE_SMTP_Send ( from ; to ; subject ; text { ; cc ; bcc ; replyTo ; html ; attachments } ) " with a preceding "BE_SMTP_AddAttachment ( container )" should do the business as far as I understand. A reference to the attachment should not be required in the "BE_SMTP_Send ( from ; to ; subject ; text { ; cc ; bcc ; replyTo ; html ; attachments } ) " string, I think.


The problem is that the email arrives with a defective attachment.


The simple script looks like this:




The email arrives as it should...


The resulting email seems to be perfect, however, the attachment can not be opened due to an error. I have tried different file formats for the attachment as well as both external and normal containers. I have noticed that the file size of the attachment is only a fraction of that of the original file I inserted into the container via drag and drop. Just as if the attachment is more or less an empty document.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!